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About the US Border Policy

We have told many Europeans this — it is deeply saddening that the US is opening up the borders right after the conference!

With that being said, we don’t have an official refund policy.  We will see if the conference breaks even as our expenses are higher than expected. Afterwards we may be able to do a refund, but we can’t promise anything at this time.

We would like to offer everyone who couldn’t come to Atlanta this year a full credit for next year’s conference plus a special perk for having confidence in us. If you would like to be on this list for a credit for 2022, please fill out the form below. Otherwise, you will need to reach out to us after the conference to see about a potential refund.


The TABConf 2021 Organizers

Apply for a 2022 credit

Please use the same name you used when you registered for TABConf 2021.
Please use the same email you used when you registered for TABConf 2021.