The Bitcoin TABConf 2021 Basics Village

The Bitcoin Basics Village TABConf2021

The Bitcoin Basics village is your one-stop, complete 101 guide to learning everything you need to know about bitcoin. From the basic principles of sound money to the freedom principle philosophies backing bitcoin, this village will help you answer all your burning bitcoin questions and leave you eager to dive in deeper.  Hosted by Sarah…

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The Bitcoin TABConf 2021 Gaming Village

Bitcoin Gaming Village

Something wonderful happens when Bitcoin and the Lightning Network combine with TABConf 2021 for gaming. The games get more fun, the higher stakes make it massively more engaging and everyone gets to stack sats! At the Gaming Village, you’ll enter a next-generation arcade with a mix of mobile and PC gaming, all powered by Bitcoin.…

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The TABConf 2021 Independence Village

TABConf 2021 Independence Village sponsored by Start 9

The TABConf 2021 Independence Village is all about reducing trust and dependency on third parties in the digital realm, especially when it comes to Bitcoin and Lightning. With an emphasis on self-hosting, this village will explore practical measures you can take today to become more digitally independent. Learn how to: Run your own Bitcoin node…

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The BitDevs Socratic Village

The Socratic Village - TABConf 2021

We are pleased to announce our very first Village: The BitDevs Socratic Village Sponsored by CardCoins, this village is lead by Shaun, organizer of BitDevs South Florida, and J, organizer of BitDevs NYC. It is a community for those interested in discussing and participating in the research and development of Bitcoin and related protocols. You…

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