Bitcoin Gaming Village

The Bitcoin TABConf 2021 Gaming Village

Something wonderful happens when Bitcoin and the Lightning Network combine with TABConf 2021 for gaming. The games get more fun, the higher stakes make it massively more engaging and everyone gets to stack sats!

At the Gaming Village, you’ll enter a next-generation arcade with a mix of mobile and PC gaming, all powered by Bitcoin. Experience Bitcoin gaming first hand, then stick around to discuss the tech and the implications of Bitcoin Lightning tech on the gaming industry and the virtual economies of the future!

Here’s a taste of the games you can expect to earn Bitcoin in:

  • CounterStrike: Global Offensive, a staple of the FPS genre, enhanced with Bitcoin! Powered by ZEBEDEE Infuse, payments flow in real-time inside the match.
  • Bitcoin Rally, a Mario Kart-style racing game where players collect sats, which they can use as missiles or keep and cash out at the end of the race.
  • SaruTobi (iOS, Android), a Bitcoin gaming classic, remade with the Lightning Network. Swing the monkey, let it fly and see how many coins you can collect!
  • Lightning Crush, Like Candy Crush, but with Bitcoin! Rewards get bigger as you beat more levels.
  • Turbo 84, a retro-themed endless-runner game powered by Bitcoin!
  • Bitcoin Bounce, a platformer where you bounce a Bitcoin along the blockchain. The farther you get, the bigger the prize.

And more!

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ZEBEDEE is bringing real economies into virtual worlds, by allowing games to integrate Bitcoin at the deepest possible level. 

They are revolutionizing both sides of the gaming world, by creating a sophisticated developer suite for game makers and Bitcoin-powered games, communities and tools for gamers. 

With ZEBEDEE, the boundaries between the real economy and the virtual economy no longer exist. Games are transformed from entertainment to a powerful source of economic activity that anyone can access. Get the ZEBEDEE Wallet and experience Bitcoin gaming for yourself!

About TABConf 2021 Villages

Villages are rooms for creative communities to run their own agenda and activities at the conference. Examples of these villages are: bitcoin basicssocratic questioning, digital independence, etc. These rooms add a unique experience to the conference which allows attendees to focus and spend time with a group of interest.