The Socratic Village - TABConf 2021

The BitDevs Socratic Village

We are pleased to announce our very first Village: The BitDevs Socratic Village

Sponsored by CardCoins, this village is lead by Shaun, organizer of BitDevs South Florida, and J, organizer of BitDevs NYC. It is a community for those interested in discussing and participating in the research and development of Bitcoin and related protocols. You can be well versed with or new to the topics, all are welcome. Be advised: discussion will be technical.

What can I expect from the BitDevs Socratic Village?

The Socratic Village is based on the concept of a Socratic Seminar/Circle, a collaborative dialogue that is facilitated by participants examining a subject or text and articulating their questions and viewpoints. The group setting helps participants construct meaning through analysis, interpretation, listening and active engagement in conversation. 

Content in the Socratic Village will be a combination of Socratic Sessions with general themes and topic-specific Socratic Panels. The Socratic Sessions will be a condensed version of a Socratic-style meetup. A discussion leader will curate some content based on a general theme and come prepared to give background on the material and provide discussion questions for the group.

Example themes for the sessions include:

  • bitcoin and lightning protocol development
  • novel layer 2 protocols
  • cryptography, security
  • and privacy.

The interactive panels will be driven by small group of experts on a specific subject matter. The panels should be two way, in that the panelists should expect to field questions from the community as well as have their own questions to stimulate discussion. Example topics for the panels include covenants, privacy on lightning, routing optimizations, liquidity advertisements, attacks on lightning, hot wallet management, how to build applications on lightning, pegging mechanisms, simplicity, DLCs, MEV, and how to lead a Socratic meetup.

Materials for each session and panel will be posted beforehand, so those who would like to engage in discussion can prepare ahead of time. Each day will also have some relaxed content, including a jeopardy-like game with technical bitcoin trivia and niftynei’s famous Bitcoin LARP.

Thanks to Our Sponsor

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About Villages

Villages are rooms for creative communities to run their own agenda and activities at the conference. Examples of these villages are: privacy, socratic questioning, bitcoin gaming, etc. These rooms add a unique experience to the conference which allows attendees to focus and spend time with a group of interest.