How to Get to TABConf

Please pay careful attention to these instructions, because TABConf 2021 is located in a rather large venue and we do not want you to get lost!

If you are driving a car

  1. Park at the “Red Deck” for the Georgia World Congress Center. (That’s Red Deck, 285 Andrew Young International Blvd NW, Atlanta, GA 30313).
  2. Drive up as far as you can to Level 7.
  3. Take the Inclement Weather Bridge into the Georgia World Congress Center, or climb up the stairs and cross the street to go through the main entrance.

This is paid parking. $20 for 3+ hours or more.

If you are using a rideshare app

Please enter the following address into your rideshare app. Be VERY CAREFUL to type in the correct address. It must be Mangum St NW. Mangum St SW is a completely different street that will put you somewhere far from the event.

Drop Off Address: 103 Mangum St NW, Atlanta, GA 30313

This is the correct place to get dropped off!
Do not go here!

Once you are in the Georgia World Congress Center

GWCC is a large building! Follow the arrows on the TABConf signs to find our check-in desk. TABConf is going to be Building B, floor 3. Spaces B301 – B309!

Hotels & Lodging

Go to the hotel page for information on the TABConf 2021 hotel.