What is this TABConf coin?

Above is a picture of the coins we made for our last conference.

Each year we make new diemolds to create unique coins with an awesome design for TABConf. These are physical collectable Bitcoin coins that are only produced the year of the event. By purchasing a ticket to TABConf you are eligible to receive a free physical copper coin (while supplies last). Guarantee yourself a coin of higher value for the conference by optionally purchasing a solid silver coin.

A TABConf coin will serve 2 purposes

  1. It will be a challenge coin to get into the afterparty. Simply reveal the coin to door staff to be allowed free entry.
  2. The coin will contain a clue that is used for the on going Bitcoin scavenger hunt at the conference.

We will be minting both copper and silver rounds. These are bullion grade coins.


  • The silver round will be a standard 1 troy ounce weight.
  • Purchasing a coin alone is NOT a ticket to the conference.