TABConf 2021

The Atlanta Bitcoin Conference

November 4 - 6, 2021

Thursday, November 4


Hackathon Kick-off

Friday, November 5




Saturday, November 6



What is TABConf?

TABConf is The Atlanta Bitcoin Conference — an event for building communities, providing education, and supporting developers. This is a conference where no one can "buy" a talk. We like to think of this as the most inclusive, organic, grassroots event possible for Bitcoin.

We are planning to have a heavy workshop schedule on day 1 of the conference, November 4th. The next 2 days, November 5th - 6th, will be panels, talks, and village activities. There are still opportunities to run workshops on the 5th - 6th, but this would need to be done with coordination of a village leader.

Supporting Bitcoin

The way we are supporting Bitcoin after the conference is donating to Brink, OpenSats, and Human Rights Foundation, all non-profit organizations. Brink and OpenSats exist to strengthen the Bitcoin protocol and network through fundamental research and development, and to support the Bitcoin developer community through funding, education, and mentoring; HRF promotes and protects human rights globally, with a focus on closed societies. The money we donate to Brink, OpenSats, and HRF will come from a percentage of ticket sales and activities throughout the event like the charity poker tournaments.

What to expect at TABConf

Jimmy Song, Rachel Rybarczyk, Andrew Chow, Caralie Chrisco, Murch, Alex Bosworth, and many more.

The bitcoin scavenger hunt that you've always been yearning for deep down inside but have never known how to express.

Test your poker skills against other Bitcoiners with real sats over the Lightning network for charity causes.

Build cool stuff with Bitcoin for a chance to win prizes!


Villages are rooms for creative communities to run their own agenda and activities at the conference. Examples of these villages are: privacy, socratic questioning, bitcoin gaming, etc. These rooms add a unique experience to the conference which allows attendees to focus and spend time with a group of interest.

Do you have an idea for a village?